June 30, 2017
My Time at Pathways
By Tristen

“I have to be honest–I did not have a lot of fun last year, but this year [at Pathways] was better. One of my favorite classes was gym. Gym was my favorite class because we got to play a lot of sports. At my homeschool we did not have gym class. I learned some new things in Pathways. For example, in Math Operations, I learned how to do long division and multiplication problems. I wasn’t able to do this at my homeschool.

In addition to growing enthusiastic as an academic scholar, I have grown as a person. For example, I’m more enthusiastic than I used to be. When I was in sixth grade, I was not ecstatic in school. I use to be indifferent in every class I went to. But now this year I have been more enthusiastic. Even though I get bored in some of my classes, sometimes when I’m in class I raise my hand a lot to answer the questions. I try to show enthusiasm in all of my classes but I hope to be more enthusiastic next year.

My goal for the future is to be a train conductor. I want to have a good job so I can have a nice home and clothing. So when I  grow up, I need to be disciplined. I want to take things seriously when I have a good job. I want to show respect because having a good job would mean I have to take things seriously and I also would have to do a lot of work.

I have learned lots of things from Pathways to DPE. All of the teachers have helped me in Pathways.”