April 6, 2017
Adventure Time: A Day in the Life of Donovan Phoenix
By Donovan

“One day, a man named Donovan Phoenix went to school. Then he found an enemy called Mr. Directions. Then he saw that Mr. Directions was giving out deductions. So then it was time for Donovan Phoenix to come in. He used his Fire Fist to defeat the enemy, Mr. Directions. 

So after Mr. Directions was defeated, Donovan Phoenix went home to face his worst nightmare, his homework. The first three were easy: Math Operations, Math Reasoning, and Math Skills. Then the fourth was Lit Skills. So he copied the word in his notebook. Then came the sentences. So he fought and fought. 

He was done with that after an hour. Next was Guided Reading. It was tough, and the racer was harder, but he got through it. The last was the hardest, History. Donovan Phoenix said, “Oh no! It’s 9 o’clock.” But he had to finish it, so he did it. Now it was time for bed. And that’s one day of the Donovan Phoenix story.