June 30, 2017
My Time at Pathways
By Samaria

My time at Pathways has been amazing. At first I thought I wasn’t going to pass my classes, but now I’m passing and getting good grades in most of my classes. I made improvements in math. For example, I learned how to skip count and I also learned how to regroup. In Lit Skills I learned many new vocabulary words and many definitions. I have done well at Pathways and continue to improve. I am more confident now and hope that I will do better in my home school.

    In addition to becoming a more disciplined scholar, I have grown socially. I am more than I was in my old school. In my old school in the sixth grade, I didn’t understand the work that they were teaching me except for reading class which I understand the most, and maybe I understand a little bit in math class. But in history and science, I didn’t understand it well and I’m understanding most in my classes. And I like that there’s less kids in Pathways than in my homeschool.

In theater, Mr. Gould wanted us to act out a scene and my scene in theater was being sad. When the scholars had acted out their scene, I was pretending to act sad while Mr. Gould was laughing and recording me while I was doing my scene. In my old school, I wasn’t able to do theater and get up on stage and act out a scene.

   My long-term goal is to get my education, doing homework every single day, and going to high school and college. I would like to go to an art high school and an art college so that I can become a professional artist and learn how to draw real people. And to meet my goal I have to get better grades in my classes and move on to high school and college. I want to become successful in school and show grit. And when I go back to my old school, I want to do better and pass.

   Overall, I am thankful for my teachers for helping me throughout the whole school year and I am grateful for my teachers wanting me to pass and achieve my goals and becoming successful. And I also had fun doing fun activities and experiencing things that I never done before. Even at gym I had fun playing new different sports. And so far, Mr. Velarde has always wanted me to be the best scholar and be a champion and never giving up and always show grit throughout the whole school year. In math, I wasn’t very good at subtracting and doing multiplication problems and now I am getting better and better  in subtracting and multiplying. I think Pathways is the best school out of all the other Democracy Prep schools, and I think kids from other Democracy Prep schools should come to Pathways.”