November 28, 2016
My Pathways Experience: Tabbouleh, Traveling, and Factoring!
By Andre

I really do like Pathways because of the teachers! They make my days feel like a good day to learn something new. One example is cooking club. It is very joyful to be in. Like last week, we made tabbouleh. Let me try to explain how to make it. First, you need some couscous, sliced tomatoes, mint leaves, a lemon, and some water. Boil the couscous in water, and then add in the sliced tomatoes. After that, put the couscous mix in the fridge for fifteen minutes. Then, you add more tomato, some squeezed lemon juice, and mint leaves. There you have it: tabbouleh!


Besides cooking, I like the trips we’ve taken, like the Six Flags trip, DC trip, and many others. I also like the stuff we learn at Pathways. For example, in math we’re learning about factors and how many there are for each number. This is kind of fun. I also think all of the other subjects are cool, too. The fact is that I like this school, and this is where I am going to stay to learn. In the end, Pathways is a very good school.