December 12, 2016
The Joy of Drawing (featuring Alynne)
By Alynne

Hi! My name is Alynne. I’m 12 years old and I am in the 6th grade. Today I will be talking to you about how much I like drawing. On Fridays I do FYP (Find Your Passion) and I like doing Drawing Club with Mr. Velarde. He teaches me different ways how to draw letters. Mr. Velarde comes up with new ideas so that I can do better.


What I like about drawing is that you can come up with your own ideas and be creative. It takes a lot of time to get better at my drawing. It’s fun because you can share your ideas and learn from other people. My habit of drawing is fun because I get to see what’s out in the real world. Drawing is my thing because it’s like you’re being an inventive person.