June 29, 2017
My Growth In Pathways
By Aldo

“I have to be honest that I did not want to be here at first. I thought that Pathways was going to be the worst, but while I was here I became a better scholar. My reading improved the most. I used to read really slow, but now I can read faster. I used to only read at school, but now I read at home for 20 minutes each night. Now that I’m a better reader I like to read out loud in class.

In addition to growing as a scholar, I have grown as a person. For example, I am more disciplined than I used to be. When I was at DPH I used to be really lazy and didn’t do my homework at all. I had a lot of send outs. Although I struggle to complete my homework, I complete more assignments than I used to. I have more enthusiasm in class.

My long-term goal is to have a great job. To reach my long-term goal I need to put my best effort in school. I would like to go to college and study Reading. I would also like to learn to speak another language. I think it would help me in my career. I will also need reminders of directions so I could follow them and succeed.

Overall, I am thankful for all of the teachers and friends I made here. I am grateful for the help of my teachers. I will always remember one lesson from Mr. Picott and Mr. Velarde, for pushing me to do my homework. They want me to succeed. They want me to pass my grades and assignments. They give me a lot of advice that are helpful. I want to pass all my classes and my grades with at least a 90% and I can maybe 100% I want to continue to grow to  academically. My MAP test math went up and my Reading MAP test went up I was so surprised when I saw my MAP tests went up I was so proud that I met my growth target. I will always be grateful for all my teachers. I learned many  new things.”