Our Story

There is no group of children at greater risk than low-income students with disabilities. Democracy Prep Pathways is a new program that will partner with our K-12 schools to ensure that our students with the most significant academic challenges are able to achieve the mission of success in the college of their choice and a life of active citizenship.

Duncan Scherer

Selected Scholars

32 Scholars

The DREAM Team

Duncan Scherer

Founding Executive Director

Hannah Rebhorn

Founding Teacher, Assistant Director of Academic Programming/Civics Coordinator

Rebecca Kim

Founding Teacher/Instructional Coach/Transition Coordinator

Willie Gould

Founding Teacher/Instructional Coach

Britt Robinson

Founding Teache

Chloe Richardson

Founding Teacher

Danielle Degregoris

Founding Speech & Language Pathologist/ACT and Advocacy Coordinator

Atiya Morgan

Founding Social Worker

Isaac Velarde

Founding DREAM Coach/PE Teacher

Crystal May

Scholar Support Specialist

Lauren O'Neill


Jess Wall

Mentor Teacher

Allison Vasile


Cinia McGough

Teacher Resident

Joye Rice

Family Impact Coordinator

Cesar Lazcano

Operations & Technology Associate

Cathya Solano

Operations Manager